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A sound Public Financial Management (PFM) system is fundamental to the economic growth, poverty and inequality reduction of a country, enabling countries to channel resources towards development objectives and maximise financial efficiency. Download and read more Here.

The public communication strategy on the 1st EITI report (submitted 1/1/16) started with a formal report launch on 18/3/2016 at Sule Shangrila Hotel.

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Spectrum actively participated in the commemoration ceremony of World Environment Day at Thingaha Hotel, Nay Pyi Daw on June 5, 2016 with the attendance of Myanmar’s new President, U Htin Kyaw. “Go for Wildlife: Zero Tolerance for Illegal Trade in Wildlife” is this year’s theme for World Environment Day.

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Community leaders and youths stated that the most significant aspect of reducing the disquiet caused by the pipeline’s presence was increased cooperation between the community, government and company.

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Social accountability provides a framework for supporting both communities and local administrations to constructively work together towards increased accountability and transparency of local service planning and delivery to communities.

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Farmers who had their land confiscated, whether compensated or otherwise, report feeling grief at having lost land they have relied on for their entire life. Many do not know if their land has been rented or confiscated and therefore cannot plan their future.

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Open contracting delivers better deals for governments, provides a level playing field for the private sector, and high quality goods and services for citizens.

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Spectrum Director, David Allan, spoke at the Catholic Bishop's Conference Myanmar (CBCM) on 11 March. The conference title was "The Role of The Church in Nation Building".

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Local farmer representatives from Kachin, leading by Spectrum and LCG-Land Core group visited to Pyithu Hluttaw during the 36th day session as observers on 31, May in 2016.

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The fifth Public Financial Management Sector Working Group PFM SWG meeting between the Myanmar government and development partners took place in Nay Pyi Taw on 8 March.

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