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Community knowledge in Natmataung protected areas

The Spectrum team have been helping to launch a pilot programme that uses local communities' expert knowledge of their environment to encourage biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

The Participatory Monitoring and Management (PMM) pilot programme is taking place in two villages in the Natmataung National Park area in Chin State. The project has established two voluntary community groups who will collect information on resources, discuss changes in their status and agree on solutions to problems relating to these resources. Park rangers will participate in regular meetings, enabling constructive dialogue between park staff and communities.Results will be presented annually and discussed with the entire village.

The pilot is expected to run for 18 months after which the results will be evaluated and its possible extension to other communities and sites considered. Spectrum will follow and support the pilot phase and it is expected and hoped that the communities and the park staff will be able to continue the PMM after this.

For detailed information please click the graphic below to download our PMM Briefing Paper!

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