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KSCN and Spectrum work together on a regional level Social Accountability and Budget Transparency development training

Spectrum took part as resource persons in Social Accountability and Budget Transparency training, held in Kwee Lay, Mae Thamuu, Kyar Inn, Kwan Tar and Tharyar Gone villages in Hlaing Bwe Township, Karen State on the 10th to 12th of June,

which was organized by Karen State Civil Society Organization Network (KSCN). The training was financially supported by the Asia Foundation, implemented by KSCN and delivered by Spectrum.
The aim of the training is to encourage local people from these areas to collaborate with responsible persons on public development matters responsibly and accountably. More to that, it also aims to promote budget transparency and the practice of good governance in these areas.
This training was held for the second time within 10 months and the very first one was on Good Governance, held on the 7th to 9th of May which was attended by village administrators and youth leaders of around 30 persons. The attendants were provided with 4 briefers of Social Accountability and other Budget documents, published by Spectrum.
One of the attendants stated, “This is my first time attending this training and I am very glad to have joined it. I believe many good outcomes will be achieved if we apply what we’ve learned. And I hope there will be more events like this in the future.”
Naw May Khin Thet, the Program Coordinator of the training, said, “We used to deliver this kind of training only in urban areas. But, as we can also reach rural areas now, it is very advantageous for people here. Now, they will understand how they can participate in the development projects when operated in their own region.” The training was led by Naw May Khin Thet, the Program Coordinator, and Mai Julia, the Program Officer, from Spectrum.

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