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Launching Ceremony of Budget Guide for Decision Maker and Financial Transparency Cartoon Book

As a part of our effort for strengthening Good Governance and promoting Government Accountability and Transparency, Spectrum has organized Lunching Dinner Event of its currently- published books at Nay Pyi Daw Hotel Max on November 24th, 2017 in collaboration with Hluttaw Public Accounts Committee and Joint Public Accounts Committee.

With the theme of good governance through budget transparency and public participation, Spectrum emphasizes on the role of parliaments in financial transparency process. Spectrum believes that MPs, the representatives of Myanmar citizen are independent legislative power over the budget process. In general, in many countries, Parliament plays an important role in formulation, deliberation, enactment, and making amendments to the State Budget (Citizen Budget).

During launching event, creative works of 40 Myanmar well-known cartoonists on budget and financial concepts focused on Myanmar current condition are displayed.

At his opening speech, U Saw Than Htut, deputy chair of Joint Public Accounts Committee said, “Every year, we have a duty of parliamentary budget review and approval. So understanding Budget concepts and perception will be an essential tool for MPs from both Hluttaws. The budgetary system and the public budget process have impacts on the way government operates. And today, we have a chance to know how importance of significant relationship between budget transparency and good governance practices through Spectrum’s cartoon show and Budget Guide for Decision Maker.”

During his thank-message, David Allan (Executive Director of Spectrum) talked about the important role of budget transparency and public participation principles to governance improvement and national progress. He said, “In open Budget survey, Myanmar’s score is likely to be lowest in public participation area. And hearing public voices is a critical part of public participation. From public perceptions, we can learn a lot about what areas need more effort to give the public confidence in our work. Cartoon exhibition we present is one way of helping public perception on Budget transparency and views be heard”

The budget is the life-blood of the government; the financial reflection of what the government does or intends to do. Also, the public budget (citizen budget) contributes to human development, economic growth, and governing. Therefore, in Myanmar, international organizations, donors, and civil society organizations like us accelerate advocacy on budget transparency and accountability toward better governance.

Launching of Spectrum’s budget guide for decision maker and financial transparency cartoon book was celebrated with over 150 participants. Spectrum would like to say special thanks to Permanent Secretary and Director General of Union Assembly, State and Region Parliamentarians from 13 different state and region, speakers and deputy- speakers of State and Region parliaments, honorable members of Joint Public Accounts Committee and Public Accounts Committee, high- level officials from Amyotha Hluttaw office, Pyidaungsu Hluttaw office and Ministry of Planning and Finance who actively attended launching party.

Daw Thit Thit Han, Communications Coordinator of Spectrum said, “We are very proud to launch Spectrum's recently published books. We highly expect that these two books; budget guide for decision maker and budget transparency cartoon book will have good impact on Myanmar budget sector. Moreover, Spectrum is running Social Accountability Project that focus on tools such as public hearing, public expenditure tracking, participatory budgeting, and citizen report cards to help improve participation and accountability”

At launching dinner, Spectrum distributed package of books included Budget Guide for Decision Maker, Budget Transparency Cartoon Book and Handbook on Parliamentary Ethics and Conduct; A Guide for Parliamentarians ,Social Accountability briefers and budget transparency slogan stickers.



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