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Highlighting the social accountability concept in Yangon

Spectrum proudly participated in SWISSAID annual partner meeting as a resource person for Social Accountability session. This three day meeting was conducted at Sein Lan So Pyay Garden, Yangon from 5th to 7th September 2017.

Social Accountability is a new concept to Myanmar and it is very important for more accountable governance and better public services. That is why Spectrum is implementing social accountability project with Oxfam and Scholar Institute in three areas of Myanmar.

                Daw Wae Win Khaing , project coordinator from Spectrum presented Social Accountability concept in a general point of view and in a local context, highlighting the importance of social accountability and its’ tools for improving transparency and constructive engagement among local community, CSOs and government bodies. During presentation, she discussed about the citizens’ budget, budget transparency and how it strongly related to good governance.

Almost 70 representatives from 19 CSOs across the country attended annual partner meeting. The participants actively showed their interest in the social accountability concept and asked several questions during the presentation. A debated question highlighted by the CSOs was why it is importance for communities to understand social accountability along with how CSOs can involve in social accountability process.

Social accountability provides a framework for supporting both communities and local administrations to constructively work together towards increased accountability and transparency of local service planning and delivery to communities.


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