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Spectrum’s Technical Support to "Understanding on Government's Budgeting and Social Accountability Workshop"

Spectrum actively participated as a technical support team in the two day-workshop organized by the Save the Children and NCRWG (NGO Child Rights Working Group) held at Western Chinatown Hotel starting from 27 June to 28 June 2017.

The workshop is aiming to expend understanding on Government’s Budgeting and Social Accountability. Forty one participants from CSI, NCRWG and Spectrum attended the workshop. During workshop days, they actively discussed about Citizen's Budget, Budget transparency, Government's Budgeting process, Budget Advocacy, Governance, and Social Accountability Steps and Tools.

With many group discussions and presentations, its concepts and implementations process are learned. One of the participants said that it was very helpful to them to know social accountability and civil engagement concepts as well as Budget Knowledge.

Spectrum’s HR and project coordinator Daw Wae Win Khaing said, “We are very pleased to participate in this workshop as technical support team. The participants and trainers had a good chance to learn from each other. The concepts are very interesting topics for the audience to discuss actively to their heart content.”


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