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Children's Books

"In Myanmar language, drawn by our cartoonist, and supported by subject experts"

Spectrum has published many books for children with an environmental focus. All are in Myanmar language and are drawn by Myanmar cartoonists, with the content supported by subject experts.

Legend of a Village
For ages 6-12, this story covers the exploitation of a naturally resource-rich village by a 'greedy man' and the villagers who desire wealth like his. It shows the consequences of habitat destruction on wildlife and the local villagers, and teaches children about the interdependence of organisms, resource management and links to climate change.

Ei Hne Yi the Dolphin
For ages 8-15, this is an informative piece covering water and air pollution through the character of a local Ayeyawaddy dolphin, and their affects on animal food chains and human quality of life. This book introduces the concepts of biomagnification, bioaccumulation and large scale consequences in global warming, while presenting solutions of waste management, reduction of usage and recycling.

Poor Sandpiper
For ages 6-15, this story follows an endangered spoon billed sandpiper's journey to find a solution to habitat destruction and her species' extinction. With main messages about biodiversity and conservation, the book explores the various situations of several endangered species within Myanmar, and teaches children about ecotourism and alternate ways for people to make a living off the environment without damaging it.

For ages 5-12, the star of this story is a crab. With his friends the fish and the turtle he introduces the subject of metal toxics. The book explores various issues close to home for people in Myanmar, including why and how metals are used and the effects of mercury from mining, lead used in water pipes, make-up and petrol, and battery and electronic waste. The crab also offers advice on safe disposal of electronics, as well how to be aware of signs of poisoning in the environment.

For ages 5-12, this book covers the issues of toxics in food, including fertilisers and pesticides and genetically modified organism (GMO) food. Told from the perspective of an apple, the book teaches children about the how pesticides are sold or given as free samples to farmers without Myanmar instructions for safe use, storage or disposal and offers advice on these issues. It also explains the side effects of consuming food affected by toxics.

Questions from Mr. Curious ( Climate Change Awareness Story )

Spectrum created climate change story booklet aiming for young people. It includes the most completed message on climate change. It is also based on stories of Myanmar people who suffered severe flood in 2015. In the story, we also showed how people become climate refugee and environmental migrants due to climate change impacts. The importance of early warning system and useful ways of adaptation methods are also included in the story. And the facts included in the story book are based on Myanmar local context to provide good platform for group learning, awareness raising and sharing of domestic adaption and mitigation actions.

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