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Economic Justice

"Fair and equal allocation of resources

can improve lives"

Spectrum's philosophy is that rich natural resource wealth should be shared by all citizens. Through our projects covering revenue transparency, budget transparency, taxation reform, integrity building and countering corruption, Spectrum promotes economic justice.

We believe the sustainable development of Myanmar's natural resources is key to the country's economic transformation. Everyone should have a say in how these precious resources are managed, because this influences whether they are used, wasted and degraded, or valued, preserved and possibly converted into another form of resource, such as money.

That's why Spectrum is dedicated to raising awareness of how fair and equal allocation of resources can improve the lives of local communities and society as a whole. We want to increase public participation in decisions about how Myanmar's natural resources are used, developed and distributed. We work with government, private sector and the public to promote greater transparency and accountability in governance practices and systems.

Our aim is to empower citizens to make fully informed choices as they contribute to the future direction of their country.

  • Revenue Transparency

    Revenue Transparency

    Myanmar is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, from exquisite gemstones and precious metals, to luscious forests, life-giving river systems and one of the world's oldest oil and gas industries.

  • Budget Transparency

    Budget Transparency

    Budgets are a critical link for citizens to participate in the democratic process of national development. In 2011, people from hundreds of organisations met in Tanzania for a Global Assembly on Budget Transparency, Accountability and Participation.

  • Social Accountability (SAcc)
  • Integrity Building & Anti-Corruption

    Integrity Building & Anti-Corruption

    "Corruption is a threat to development, democracy and stability. It distorts markets, curbs economic growth and discourages foreign investment. It erodes public services and trust in officials. And it contributes to environmental damage and endangers public health..." 

  • Taxation


    Experts consider that the development of an equitable and broad based taxation system is a key part of the process of ensuring government accountability to citizens develops well in a country.

  • Open contracting and procurement

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